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Shipstore is a Kansas City-based freight software company providing analytics, tracking and price comparison services.


Shipstore faced an antiquated web presence despite its cutting edge shipping software. Decreased revenue and a lack of brand recognition propelled a need to reposition the business model and marketing efforts in order to elevate the uniqueness of their platform.


The focus became redesigning their existing website including all wireframes, the overall user experience and the user interface (as shown below). The design and website overhaul achieved a fine balance between form and function increasing customer engagement. Large imagery and super intuitive controls, made the user’s journey of finding the perfect shipping software a breeze on desktop and mobile. This also allows the client, Shipstore, to easily capture leads and ultimately sell their product to a wider market.

Mind Map & Sketches

Shipstore Mockups 1
Shipstore Mockups 3
Shipstore Mockups 2
Shipstore Mockups 4

Rough Navigation Mapping

Shipstore Mockups 5
Shipstore Mockups 6

Initial Homepage User Flows (CTA journey)

Shipstore Mockups 1


Shipstore Mockups
Shipstore Mockups
Shipstore Mockups 10
Shipstore Mockups 11
Shipstore Mockups 12

Visual UI Design (Hi-Fidelity)

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