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Scend®,  a maker of some of the world’s best kayaks, paddle boards and assorted fishing gear, has been a leader in the industry for years. Selling primarily wholesale, direct to retailer, their business model has been successful. As markets change and customers evolve, Scend® has discovered a new kind of customer that has been largely untapped by their business model.


In order to adapt and expand their operation to include a B2C model and become a leader as a lifestyle brand, a new approach was needed. One of the challenges facing the client is their wholesale-only web presence. Secondly, their range of products, due to the price point, tend to be a one-time purchase. 


In order to achieve the client’s goals, a brand refresh was proposed and approved. A customer facing shopping app was approved for design. Key deliverables included in the app are a simple user journey from entrance to checkout. Another being a community engagement feature within the app where user can create profiles, share and interact with other users. This solution will allow for greater retention and brand loyalty aiding in the transition from B2B to B2C and establish Scend® as a lifestyle brand.


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Visual UI Design (Hi-Fidelity)

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