“Draw the art you want to see, start the business you want to run, play the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read, build the products you want to use — do the work you want to see done.”

Creativity Vs. Mediocrity

The art of putting in the work, moving past the blocks and freeing your inner creative.

I have often rejected the idea of creative people verses
non-creative people. At the core, there are people that get things done and those that do not.

My working definition of creativity is simply… problem solving. Creativity, in all of its shapes and expressions, boils down to finding new ways of thinking, new ways of being.

As a designer, my job consist of finding new ways to communicate old ideas. Every now and again an entirely new idea is formed from the process. However, the formation of new ideas should not be the goal. Getting the work done is the point.

The separation between creativity vs. mediocrity is willingness to put time into the process. In other words, find the joy in the work and the results will speak for themselves.

We have all seen mediocre offerings vs. work that you can tell was done with passion and focus.


Be willing to go where the process may lead, find joy in the journey and embrace the unknown, this is the pursuit. Some of the best results I have achieved came from sticking with something, despite the elusive guarantee of success.

As designers, writers, entrepreneurs…whatever you call yourself. The goal is always the same, do what you do because you can’t not do it! There is something inside of each of us that must come out. There is something profound that is unique to you. Something that cannot be cloned or replicated. So, for the sake of us all, do what it is that you do! That is the answer to mediocrity.

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